Pokemon Go: Last Chance To Get Regice

3 hours ago Mew 0
The Legendary Pokemon Regice has been a fixture of Raid Battles since it debuted in Pokemon Go last month, but it won't be available for much longer. The Legendary Titan is only scheduled to appear until this Thursday, July 19, making this your last opportuni… Read More

Let’s Go Inflate!

6 hours ago Mew 0
Hey it's been a long while since I posted something that isn't some OC! And Nintendo announced a new Pokemon game which is just a remake of the first games? With the newer Pokemon added in? But most importantly: Is the Female Protagonist adorable? She is? The… Read More

Pokemon Go Fest Totally Redeemed Itself

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Pokemon Go had a moment of redemption last weekend when it pulled off a successful Pokemon Go Fest live event in Chicago a little less than one year after its first live event in Chicago made headlines for all the wrong reasons. 21,000 fans attended last week… Read More