Pokemon GO Halloween just got REAL (Gen 3 real)

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This morning the latest build of Pokemon GO for Android revealed a collection of changes just before Halloween. This set of changes falls in the category of “oh my goodness this could mean something big” – with regard to the third full generation of Pokemon i… Read More

Pokemon GO Halloween Gen 3 confirmed : What we missed!

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Niantic’s Pokemon GO today confirmed an official Halloween event update, and the details are top notch! Believe it or not, the one detail we got wrong was the date. While last year’s Halloween event lasted only a few short days, this event’s about to go ALL O… Read More

Trading Is Finally Coming To Pokemon GO

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One of the fun aspects of Pokemon games is the ability to trade Pokemon with your friends. This was a feature that many expected to be part of Pokemon GO when the game was launched, and despite there being many promises and hints, the feature remained missing… Read More

Pokemon Go Players Discover a Tricky New Throw Technique

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A tricky type of throw technique has Pokemon Go players around the world fascinated, even if it doesn't actually make catching a Pokemon any easier.It's been a slow few weeks for Pokemon Go. While we're in the middle of a new event and EX Raids are popping up… Read More