PTS | Search for the Golden Torkoal | BB RP Pt. 1

4 weeks ago Mew 0
RP between me and where Cinders, Vanessa and her Ritten go on an adventure. Part one. Trainer App: Cinders Vega | Vanessa Varela | Ritten Colignal Pokemon: Sigilyph, Growlithe, Aerodactyl Guest Pokemon: Chatot, Vulpix Word Counter: 5021 Items Used: N/A Read More

Wicke (Pokemon Sun/Moon)

4 weeks ago Mew 0
Ok, This takes the crown for hardest edit yet. I couldn't handle Wicke's thickness. I tried to go picture perfect with the official art, but then I just went screw it and drew the rest with imagination. I guess it looks alright. BTW, I am putting the re-dos o… Read More

Little Love Bug

4 weeks ago Mew 0
Jay catches himself a little loving Venipede which he named Love Bug! Yeah, this will go well just like most of Jay's other Pokemon! XD Jay Gray Belongs to me Venipede belongs to Pokemon Comments and Faves are Welcome! Read More