Niantic Just Added Awesome New Features To Pokemon GO

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We all know very well-know about the well-known augmented reality game, of course, Pokemon Go, yes, it is a big hit for Niantic. However, now according to the latest reports, Niantic just added awesome new and the most awaited features to Pokemon GO. Niantic … Read More

How to score the Expert Handler bonus in Pokemon Go

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The best way to guarantee a little extra Stardust. The single biggest reason to use that new AR+ mode in Pokemon Go right now is the Expert Handler bonus. Like throwing a curveball or nailing a Great or Excellent throw, this new bonus adds to the reward you g… Read More

Pokemon Go to Tweak EX Raids Based on Player Feedback

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Pokemon Go's most controversial feature will be getting some changes thanks to player comments.Last night, Niantic's Twitter Support account tweeted that they would be making changes to how EX Raid invitations are distributed based on user feedback.Trainers, … Read More

New Community Day Event Coming To Pokemon Go

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It hasn't been very long since the embarassing events of last year's Pokemon Go Festival, and even though many players might have lost interest in new Pokemon Go events since then, developer Niantic seems to have come up with a new strategy that should please… Read More