Fans Are Buzzing About A Possible Pokémon Switch Leak

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Seemingly every big Pokémon game leaks ahead of time, and a new generation of entries may follow suit. Over the last few days, a series of online posts purporting knowledge of the next major pocket monsters game have caught fire within the Pokémon community. … Read More

Black Sails App

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⚓ B A S I C. I N F O ⚓ ◆ RP style. semi-lit ◆ Name. Daemon Torpe ◆ s e x. ♂ ◆ s e x u a l i t y. bi ◆ a g e. 29 ◆ h e i g h t. 5'9'' ◆ p o k e m o… Read More

Missing Half – Introduction

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Here we go, guys, Missing Half! What is this series about...well, where do I begin? While the introduction lays out a lot of information for you already, I've made this series for fans of TF all over. Those who feel like characters that don't truly exist. Bec… Read More

[OC]. Lucie

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I wanted to post this reference sheet I made of my Pokemon Gijinka Lucie! She's a Litten She is one of my precious OC's and her girlfriend is Jess' cute Shard ( Alolan Sandshrew gijinka!) They're hot n' cold! I will be making more gijinka's in the future ^v^ … Read More


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GMOD i'm using well i seen the final Chapter on Super and it is amazing and sad amazing that u know who won and that the Universe was erase is restore that make me feel so happy that they back i do gonna miss this series on Dragon Ball Super and i know there … Read More